About Patty Sky: The Price Action Queen

My name is Patty Sky also known as PRICE ACTION QUEEN. I am a full time stock trader and currently I heavily focus on day trading options. Before I ventured off on this path I was a full time Realtor in Philadelphia PA, a hustler at heart. To thrive in sales it takes, heart, persistence, interest and strategy. You have to figure out who is your ideal customer, find a way for people to consistently want to work with you over others, and keep the ball rolling always. You don’t get paid until the deal closes. After trying many different avenues within the real estate industry, in 2018 I had enough of being a retail agent. I was mentally exhausted by the thought of running around with clients hoping each deal worked out. I realized it wasn't my passion. I began to dream bigger. I wanted to be buying these beautiful homes and investments for myself and my family! And within a few short months from summer 2018, I decided that I needed to do something else to get there quicker. And not only that, something I didn't dread doing each day. 

I always had an interest in stocks but I didn’t know much about anything. Like many others, I kept seeing pictures and videos of guys on the beach or with lambos talk about day trading for a living. That’d be really nice i thought. I want to work on the beach and have a lambo! Well actually lambo isn't my style but you get the point. I took my first class in 2018 and it didn’t take long for me to become obsessed. I was spending at least 4-5 hours a day studying...and i enjoyed it ! A little over a month after my class ended, I put my whole $7500 account into a stock UGAZ and it doubled over the weekend. Although that was really poor risk management, the potential profits is what fascinated me! I was home, studying in my pjs, and I woke up to a 15k account. Ill never forget that feeling! January 2019 is when I never looked back. Everyday since, I have spent several hours, every single day trading, charting, researching, studying. I was determined to become great at this. I took 2 more courses from impressive traders and day in and day out...I was on the grind. Later that year my account was over $100,000 and Umar had asked me to be a part of the Stock Market Lab team. My mind was seriously blown! My SML family watched and experienced my growth which is really incredible when I look back on it. They were always there to help, tell me it’s going to be ok when I had a losing trade, and pick me up to keep going. I had never been so happy to be a part of a team and I can honestly say that they play a huge part in my success. 

After working with others and trying to become the best myself...I realized there was an area in trading that none of the classes I took really focused on...the psychology aspect. Of course, they mentioned it, but it wasn’t a real focus point or thorough chapter on it. This is the hardest part of trading, why isn’t this topic stressed? This is where I had the thought to start my own community. I wanted to help myself and others really understand the mastery behind trading. Why do most traders fail? What does it take to succeed? What do the best have in common? 

I started the WolfPAQ community and launched my first in person Mind Mastery and Price Action course in October 2019. The September class sold out immediately and so did the following courses that year. I have a very simple teaching style that can help anyone understand the basics if they apply themselves. I stress the psychology aspect...the importance in structure, mindset, routine. As of October 2020 we have over 100 members from the United States, Japan, germany, Spain and the UK!

The WolfPAQ community is a powerful, focused and intimate learning community. I strive to be the best as a leader, I never stop learning, and I care about my students! I'm vulnerable about the journey and mental capacity it takes to do this day in and day out, but also like to vocalize the benefits. Trading has changed my life for the better. If you want to be disciplined and profitable. trader, you have to operate at a certain level. I help my team expedite their learning curve by providing a clear foundation and understanding of priceaction along with the tools to master your mind in order to create discipline. If you’re looking for a community without the noise and a teacher that will tell you how it is, you have reached your destination. Whether you are an all around beginner, or an intermediate trader looking for a community, we have a place for you!



"This class was amazing! Being new to trading this class was perfect for me. Patty you makes you feel so welcomed and makes sure you understand the material.  I would definitely recommend this class to anybody interested in trading, beginner or intermediate!!"

-James A.


Join the WolfPAQ of traders as we help guide your journey to become a more successful, psychologically stronger and more confident trader today!