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Here are some topics we cover in the Mind Mastery & Trading Coaching Program 


  • Learn mindset IN DEPTH: how to change your mindset & habits
  • Learn the importance of habits: creating good ones & ditching bad ones
  • We go over how the average brain operates and ways you can rewire
  • Learn about psychology and ego and what it has to do with our possible success/failures
  • Learn how to develop consistency & discipline in life and in trading
  • Learn about the stock market in general and as a whole, and the importance of sentiment, trend, & momentum
  • Learn the psychology of the market (long & short)
  • Learn how to trade: place buy & sell orders to actually execute and make money.
  • Patty's tips on speed & how she trades everyday
  • Learn price action IN DEPTH: (candlestick anatomy, supply & demand zones, patterns, trends, price targets, level 2, time and sales, and more)
  • Learn where to enter & exit and WHY
  • Learn how to determine what type of trading strategy you should have/can apply based on current market conditions (swinging, day trading, scalping)

Some of the offers included:

  • Access to chatroom with PriceActionQueen and the channel that Patty posts all of her plays
  • Weekly & daily stock watch lists
  • Small group weekly coaching calls
  • Live trading sessions each week and live mic trading
  • Learn to efficiently plan, track & journal your trades


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